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PRESS RELEASE:  United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem

United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem to Better ...

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nView Blog A Patient Journey with nView Health Solution

October is the National Depression and Health Screening Month — an event to help bring awareness to depression and the need for affordable and accessible mental health screening services. Depression is the most common mental health illness, affecting 264 million people worldwide. Take a minute and watch as we illustrate an individual's journey with nView Health solutions.


nView Health provides a cohesive set of evidence-based behavioral health tools that power measurement-based care.

In this YouTube video, we explore a typical patient's journey from the perspective of a woman who develops depression as a result of the pandemic.   

She reaches out to her provider who uses the nView Screener and nView Interview to assess her condition and prescribe treatment.

He then uses the nView Monitors to track her progress. After 3 weeks, he doesn't see enough improvement, so he increases her medication dosage. After another 3 weeks of monitoring, the patient is back on her feet and back to living a happy life.


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nView’s evidence-based behavioral health solutions are used by the world’s most advanced clinical research and healthcare organizations to help resolve the unacceptably high rates of misdiagnosis that have plagued global healthcare for decades. 

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