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PRESS RELEASE:  United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem

United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem to Better ...

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United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem to Better Support People Affected by Substance Use Disorder

Recovery and addiction resources provider to use Proem's comprehensive platform and data to improve client engagement and understanding of mental illness.

ATLANTA, December 14, 2023 Proem Behavioral Health, developer of the evidence-based clinical workflow support engine that helps efficiently and accurately screen, test and measure treatment success for those suffering from mental illness and addiction, is pleased to announce that it has been selected by United Community Addiction Network (UCAN). 

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A Michigan-based non-profit, UCAN works to connect individuals affected by substance use disorder (SUD) with treatment resources to help combat the disease of addiction. The organization is working to implement a clinical- and community-driven approach to SUD that improves timeliness and effectiveness of care.

UCAN will use the Proem platform, which includes the world's most clinically validated set of licensed digital assessments, to support clients identified through the organization's many outreach programs. These include programs developed in partnership with health systems, jails and prisons, schools and community events. When engaged, UCAN clients will complete a behavioral health assessment through Proem, with the results helping the UCAN team put clients on a more targeted and efficient pathway to SUD treatment success.

Aaron Rubio"My world of substance use disorder greatly integrates with the world of mental health," says Aaron Rubio, founder and president of UCAN. "When I'm initially speaking with clients, I encourage them to schedule a psychiatric evaluation, but these appointments can be several weeks or even a few months down the road. With Proem, we're bridging the time gap. Proem will provide clarity around our clients' mental health disorders and enable us to help them begin to understand their mental illness."

Proem's exclusively licensed digital structured interviews have been validated to show psychiatrist agreement in 89% of diagnoses and been used in clinical settings, research studies and clinical trials for many years worldwide. The intelligent workflow engine from Proem captures data at every step of the behavioral health care process, providing insight to help with assessing and diagnosing mental illness and determining the next steps to take in a client's care. This leads to a significant result: better outcomes for those receiving mental illness and SUD treatment.

"At UCAN, we recognize the value and importance of engagement, empowerment and encouragement to helping those with substance use disorder," Rubio says. "Proem will help in all these areas by providing clients with increased knowledge, awareness and understanding of their mental illness while allowing us to expedite our efforts to put clients on a path to success."

UCAN will also leverage the extensive outcomes data captured within the Proem platform. Metrics showing progress will be shared with clients to help further strengthen engagement and with external organizations to show clients' efforts and achievements.

John-Letter"UCAN's critical and admirable work is making a significant, positive difference in the lives of so many people battling addiction," says John Letter, chief executive officer of Proem. "The organization recognizes how often substance use disorder and mental illness are intertwined and how essential it is to properly diagnose and treat mental health disorders to effectively and efficiently help those with SUD. We are pleased UCAN chose Proem as a strategic partner and our platform as a key component in its unique approach to overcoming addiction."

Proem Behavioral Health provides the premier clinical workflow software engine that helps behavioral health providers, substance use disorder clinics and research organizations efficiently and accurately screen, test and measure treatment success for those suffering from mental illness. Proem is the exclusive digital licensee worldwide of gold-standard, evidence-based screening solutions, structured interviews and post-diagnosis severity measurement scales to monitor patient outcomes. To learn more, visit and follow Proem on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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