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PRESS RELEASE:  NeuroBehavioral Hospitals Selects Proem

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NeuroBehavioral Hospitals Selects Proem Behavioral Health ...

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Proem to showcase platform that assesses substance use disorders and mental illness.

ATLANTA, April 5, 2023 Proem Behavioral Health, developer of the evidence-based clinical workflow software engine that helps substance use disorder (SUD) clinics assess SUDs and mental illness to help achieve verifiable outcomes, invites attendees of the 2023 Rx and Illicit Drug Summit in Atlanta on April 10-12 to visit Proem Booth 142.

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The intelligent workflow engine from Proem easily integrates into the workflow of SUD practitioners to simultaneously assess SUDs and the most common adult and pediatric mental disorders. This allows practitioners to effectively identify, diagnose, treat and monitor SUD and the underlying mental health disorders that often cause people to self-medicate with drugs and/or alcohol.

By using Proem, providers are more likely to make the right diagnosis the first time. For SUD practitioners, this gives peace of mind that they have a comprehensive picture of their patient so they can treat the whole person, not just the drug or alcohol dependence, and provide the proof of progress that's essential for keeping patients engaged in their treatment and on a path to recovery.

Key features of the Proem solution include the following:

  • Evidence-based measurements and scales designed to fit seamlessly within a SUD practitioner's existing workflow.
  • Multi-dimensional screeners and assessments that evaluate multiple mental illnesses to identify root causes of substance use.
  • Outcome and severity measurement tools that help practitioners adjust treatments when they are not working or continue those that are working.
  • Data collected at every step of the process to provide the documentation needed to demonstrate verifiable patient outcomes to providers, patients and payers.

"At Proem, we understand the challenges SUD clinics and practitioners face when working to help their patients overcome addiction and take better control of their lives," said Proem CEO John Letter. "We have designed the Proem solution to make it easier for SUD providers to track, trend and measure patient outcomes and share vital progress reports with their patients. The Rx and Illicit Drug Summit meeting provides us an opportunity to show attendees how our solution is helping clinics and practitioners support individuals with SUD and mental illness and why we believe 'healthy minds start with Proem.'"


Proem Behavioral Health provides the premier clinical workflow software engine that helps substance use disorder clinics, behavioral health providers and research organizations efficiently and accurately screen, test, and measure treatment success for those suffering from mental illness. Proem is the exclusive digital licensee worldwide of gold-standard, evidence-based screening solutions, structured interviews and post-diagnosis severity measurement scales to monitor patient outcomes. To learn more, visit  and follow Proem on   LinkedIn  and   Twitter.




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