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To keep you better informed about some of the biggest news and developments concerning behavioral and mental health, below are 10 of the most significant reports published in March. Highlights include stories on top patient safety concerns, mental health needs of college students, substance use disorders among the pregnant population, virtual care, and "Ted Lasso."

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1. NIH Study Reveals Shared Genetic Markers Underlying Substance Use Disorders

Scientists have identified genes commonly inherited across addiction disorders, regardless of the substance being used.

2. ECRI: Pediatric Mental Health Crisis is the #1 Patient Safety Concern

Nonprofit safety organization ECRI released its "Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns 2023" report. Taking the #1 spot on the annual list: the pediatric mental health crisis.

3. Study Probes Connection Between Excessive Screen Media Activity and Mental Health Problems in Youth

A study found that youth who spent the most time on their digital technology were statistically more likely to exhibit higher levels of internalizing problems, such as depression, anxiety, social anxiety and somatic complaints.

4. Study: College Students More Likely To Face Mental Health Needs Than Parents Think

Survey findings revealed college students report experiencing mental and behavioral health concerns more often than their parents are aware.

5. Violence Encounters Increase Suicidal Ideation Among Adolescents

A study revealed the rate of suicidal ideation was 1.7 times greater among adolescents with depression who had experienced a violent encounter in the past year.

6. U.S. 'Flying Blind' When it Comes to Data on Substance Use in Pregnancy

While federal, state and local public health agencies track substance use disorders, hospitalizations, and deaths across the country, there is a lack of such data among the pregnant population.

7. 38% of Consumers Prefer Getting Behavioral Health Care Virtually Over In-person

A consumer survey showed that nearly 4 in 10 people prefer telemedicine to in-person care for accessing mental health care.

8. Mental Health Struggles are Driving More College Students to Consider Dropping Out, Study Finds

A survey found that a significant number of college students struggle with their mental health, and a growing share have considered dropping out.

9. Opioid Overdose Risk is 10 Times Greater for Those Recently Released From Prison

Researchers found that people recently released from incarceration face a risk of opioid overdose 10 times greater than the general public.

10. 'Ted Lasso' Visits White House, Promotes Mental Health Care

The cast of Ted Lasso visited the White House to talk about how mental health contributes to overall wellbeing.

Proem Behavioral Health on LinkedIn to help you stay current with the latest behavioral and mental health news.


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