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PRESS RELEASE:  NeuroBehavioral Hospitals Selects Proem

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NeuroBehavioral Hospitals Selects Proem Behavioral Health ...

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Now Available: Recording of 'Second Pandemic of Mental Health' Webinar

A recording of "The Second Pandemic of Mental Health: An Expert Panel Discussion" is now available for viewing. 

The Second Pandemic of Mental Health

The program, hosted by nView Health, brought together behavioral health experts for a frank discussion about challenges and opportunities around mental health. The panelists were Dr. Hansa Bhargava, Dr. Josh Spitalnick, and Sherry Farrugia.

The program was moderated by Dr. Tom Young, a board-certified family physician, and chief medical officer and founder of nView. nView is a provider of evidence-based behavioral health screening, assessment, and monitoring solutions.

Topics covered during the one-hour program included the following:

  • Pandemic's impact on the mental health of patients, co-workers, children and adolescents, and underserved communities
  • Challenges of addressing mental health for healthcare professionals
  • Unique issues mental health professionals face in diagnosing patients
  • Ways healthcare providers can more effectively meet the growing need for better mental healthcare
  • Steps healthcare providers can take to help them begin to fix the broken mental health system
  • Role technology should play in accelerating progress
  • Key considerations for providers as they research technology options

To access the program's recording, click here.


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