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PRESS RELEASE:  United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem

United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem to Better ...

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The latest version of the Proem platform offers advanced, automated clinical decision support for accurate mental health diagnosis and efficient patient triage.

ATLANTA, April 3, 2024 Proem Behavioral Health, developer of evidence-based mental health assessment and measurement technology, is pleased to announce a new software version that provides a touchless workflow experience for clinicians and staff. The new release makes it easy for health care providers - including those in primary care, pediatrics, obstetrics, federally qualified health centers, and behavioral health and addiction clinics - to screen, assess, diagnose and track patients who suffer from mental illness.

The touchless workflow process, which is configurable by clinic and optional by provider, follows these automated steps: 

  1. Screen – Patients complete a five-minute electronic screening tool for various mental health conditions during intake or wellness visits, akin to setting a baseline for cardiovascular health with an EKG. Results seamlessly integrate into the patient’s electronic health record (EHR) chart for future reference.
  2. Assess and Diagnose – Patients with positive screening results or mental health concerns automatically receive a diagnostic interview before their appointment. The results, which are available for review in the EHR, aid providers in ruling out conditions, uncovering underlying causes for depression and anxiety, and establishing a precise diagnosis for tailored treatment or specialized care. This step is like a patient receiving an echocardiogram to help diagnose and treat heart arrhythmia. 
  3. Track – Proem automatically tracks patient progress through regularly scheduled brief questionnaires that assess current symptoms, functional capacity, and engagement with their therapy and provider, like using a continuous ECG monitoring patch or smartwatch to monitor heart rhythm.  
  4. Analyze – Proem uses patient outcome measures for tracking progress and providing valuable insights into treatment effectiveness, empowering organizations to implement best care practices. Integrated into the EHR, providers can share results with patients and adjust treatment plans, engaging patients and facilitating measurement-based care. 

John-Letter"As the mental health crisis in America grows, patients are increasingly seeking behavioral health services from their primary care and other physical medicine providers due to convenience, comfort and reduced stigma," explains John Letter, chief executive officer of Proem. "Our latest platform update reflects our mission to simplify the mental health care journey for providers and patients. Through a 'touchless' workflow process, providers can access patient-reported data, giving them the confidence to accurately assess, diagnose and treat or triage their patients, all without adding undue burden to their workload."

Proem Behavioral Health provides the premier clinical workflow software engine that helps health care providers, substance use disorder clinics and research organizations efficiently and accurately screen, test and measure treatment success for those suffering from mental illness. Proem is the exclusive digital licensee worldwide of gold-standard, evidence-based screening tools, structured interviews and post-diagnosis severity measurement scales to monitor patient outcomes. To learn more, visit and follow Proem on LinkedIn and X.

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