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United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem to Better ...

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Company leaders call for greater integration of patient mental and physical health into a single holistic picture.

ATLANTA (May 10, 2022) – During Mental Health Month, the leadership at nView Health are encouraging those involved in the delivery of care to better ensure the mental health of patients is considered equally important as their physical health.

nView is the developer of the premier evidence-based behavioral health solution that combines gold-standard measurements on a single, modern platform.

Research has shown that mental illness increases the risk for many physical health problems, particularly chronic conditions. Likewise, chronic conditions and other physical challenges can increase the risk for mental illness.

"We know about the direct correlations between mental and physical health," said nView CEO John Letter "Yet our healthcare system so often fails to accurately identify and then properly diagnose those who need behavioral health assistance. Even when a patient is correctly diagnosed, our system then fails to adequately support them. It's time that we commit to working toward healthy bodies and healthy minds for our patients."

nView's leadership encourages everyone involved with the delivery of behavioral healthcare to take concrete actions that can achieve meaningful and impactful changes. Such actions include those the company identified during last year's Mental Health Month:

  • Increased resources allocated toward destigmatizing mental illness
  • Assessment of existing mechanisms used to identify, evaluate and diagnose those with mental illness
  • Increased investments to better support underserved communities and populations
  • Enhanced education for providers
  • Efforts to address healthcare worker burnout
  • Greater reliance upon evidence-based tools that empower measurement-based care
  • Evaluation of usage of and reliance upon medications
  • Overhaul of the behavioral health payment system
  • Legislation to support these objectives

"While it's encouraging to see mental health receiving increased attention, we must work to move beyond building awareness and begin to tackle the mental health crisis," said nView's Chief Medical Officer and Founder Thomas Young, MD. "We invite people to join the cause of finally fixing mental health — of making sure those with mental illness are identified, accurately diagnosed, monitored and get the care and support they need that will enable the right outcomes."


nView Health is the premier provider of evidence-based software and supporting solutions used by research organizations and healthcare professionals around the world to help them identify, treat and monitor mental health disorders — a critical requirement for measurement-based care. nView is the exclusive licensee worldwide for a broad array of behavioral health screening solutions, structured interviews, and post-diagnosis severity measurement scales to monitor patient outcomes. To learn more, visit or follow nView Health on LinkedIn or Twitter.


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