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United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem to Better ...

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Karma Doctors Selects Proem Behavioral Health to Further Expand its TMS Therapy Offering

Software company provides psychiatry practice in Los Angeles and Palm Springs with comprehensive platform to enhance care delivery and offer state-of-the-art clinical options

ATLANTA, July 25, 2023
Proem Behavioral Health, developer of the evidence-based clinical workflow software engine that helps efficiently and accurately screen, test and measure treatment success for those suffering from mental illness, is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Keerthy Sunder, MD, a distinguished, double-board certified psychiatrist, chief medical officer at Karma Doctors & Associates, and medical director of Karma TMS.


The rapidly growing psychiatry practice, with multiple locations in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, will use the Proem platform and its digitally licensed, structured and clinically validated assessment interviews to foster, promote and produce better outcomes for patients receiving transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

An emerging, FDA-approved therapy for treatment-resistant depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), success of TMS therapy is heavily reliant upon proper diagnosis and patient selection. Proem helps TMS providers by digging deeper into the most diagnosed DSM-5 conditions, including mood disorders and OCD.

Proem also assists TMS providers with utilization management. Insurance companies typically authorize and only pay for an initial number of TMS sessions, which may not be enough for a patient to achieve remission. With the Proem platform, providers can more effectively document patient progress and then use this data to support requests for extended treatment through additional sessions, giving patients the best possible chance at feeling better.

1572760905171"Proem gives us the tools we need to improve care for our patients and support our rapidly growing TMS service," says Dr. Sunder. "The platform enables us to more appropriately match our services with our patients' needs by enhancing our ability to accurately identify their mental health disorders. In addition, Proem allows us to track clinical outcomes over time. This is powerful information we can show to our patients and payers to demonstrate treatment success, which increases patient engagement and opportunity for reimbursement."

Proem’s exclusively licensed digital structured interviews have been validated to show psychiatrist agreement in 85% of diagnoses and been used in clinical settings, research studies and clinical trials for many years worldwide. The intelligent workflow engine from Proem captures and shares data at every step of the behavioral health care process, providing insight to help providers assess and diagnose mental illness and determine the next steps to take in a patient's care. This leads to a significant result: improved outcomes for patients receiving mental illness treatment, including transcranial magnetic stimulation.

John-Letter"As a leading psychiatrist and expert in the delivery of TMS, Dr. Sunder understands the importance of timely identification of behavioral health issues, accurate mental health data, and highly efficient processes that help patients who suffer from severe cases of depression and OCD," said Proem CEO John Letter. "With Proem, TMS providers like Dr. Sunder and Karma TMS can better ensure proper patient selection, track and measure outcomes, engage patients in their care and prove outcomes to payers — all of which exemplify why we believe 'healthier minds start with Proem."



Proem Behavioral Health provides the premier clinical workflow software engine that helps behavioral health providers, substance use disorder clinics and research organizations efficiently and accurately screen, test and measure treatment success for those suffering from mental illness. Proem is the exclusive digital licensee worldwide of gold-standard, evidence-based screening solutions, structured interviews and post-diagnosis severity measurement scales to monitor patient outcomes. To learn more, visit and follow Proem on LinkedIn and Twitter.


For more information about Dr. Keerthy Sunder and Karma Doctors & Associates, visit




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